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Migration Process components and Costs: Recommendation on Decentralization

Title: Migration Process components and Costs: Recommendation on Decentralization

Type: Policy Report

Year: 2018

Published by: Center for Migration and International Relations (CMIR)

This research was conducted in the span of a month and a half using Center for Migration and International Relations’ (CMIR) resources and network. This report functions as a continuation of previous research and a roundtable discussion hosted in May about the legal ramifications of decentralization in Nepal. The idea behind the research was to assist in providing recommendations for government decentralization by identifying the real cost of recruitment and comparing it with the actual cost of recruitment for Malaysia and GCC countries to figure out what specific components of the recruitment process can be improved upon by government decentralization. Lastly, there is a section dedicated to the recruitment process for South Korea which serves as an example of a government-togovernment agreement plan for foreign employment.




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