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Who We Are

Center for Migration and International Relations (CMIR) is a not-for-profit institute thriving to ensuring rights of migrant workers and their families are respected, guaranteed and fulfilled. We are a dedicated and dynamic team of returnee migrant workers, migrant rights’ activists and researchers having a long-time involvement history in the field of migration and development. In Nepal, CMIR is the first institute of involving all three groups: returnee migrant workers, migrant rights activists and researchers into a common platform. This enables CMIR to better understand the multi-faceted impacts of migration into different aspects and dynamics of the society and thus, help to come with concrete humanitarian actions, policy recommendations and enduring advocacy efforts in national, regional and international level.

CMIR is also the first and only institute in Nepal to involving international relations as a part of study and advocacy of migration dynamics. Though study and advocacy on bettering international relations makes an obvious impact on migration governance and patterns for any given country, CMIR explicitly focuses on including international relations as strong component to study and advocate for guaranteeing rights of migrant workers and their families.


  • To ensure safer and dignified migration through research, counseling, rescue and advocacy in collaboration and coordination with stakeholders from national and international level.


  • Ensuring safer and dignified human migration.


  •  Increase and ensure access and right to information of migrant workers and their families through counseling, IEC materials developments and dissemination, training program and other.
  • Increase and ensure access and right to education of migrant workers’ children through educational support programs and research.
  • Increase and ensure access and right to justice/legal remedies of migrant workers and their families through legal and paralegal supports in origin and destination country.
  • Advocacy for the rights of migrant workers and their families to right based and migrant workers friendly policy and mechanism.
  • Establish partnership, coordination, cooperation with government, national and international agencies and migrant community in origin and destination countries for rescue, research and advocacy.
  • Strengthen the capacity of Nepalese diplomatic mission through activities like research, study, training and other.
  • Research to have better knowledge and understand on the penetrating issues of migration and way forward to solutions.
  • Support government to draft legal document related to migration.



Legally Supported


Information Materials developed


Research, Policy papers and Articles published


Interns/fellows from 10 countries and 16 universities benefited