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Nepal Political Parties and Migraiton

Title: Nepal Political Parties and Migraiton

Type: System Thinking Research

Year: 2017-2018

Research by: Center for Migration and International Relations (CMIR) and Engaging Inquiry, LLC

The  goal of this research is to understand the driving forces behind Nepali political parties’ attitudes towards their migratory constituencies, which in turn will help effectuate future interventions at the local and regional levels to prevent the continued exploitation of migrant labor.

Title: Ensuring Safer and Dignified Employment for Nepalese Migrant Workers for Domestic Work

Type: Policy Report

Year: 2016

Published by: Center for Migration and International Relations (CMIR)

Submitted to: Ministry of Labour and Employment

CMIR put forth a proposal with specific solutions aimed at assisting the government to make well-informed and pragmatic decisions to protect the dignity of migrant workers for domestic workers, by providing policy recommendation to Ministry of Labour and Employment. The paper, comprised of 20 sets of recommendations, sought to ensure that they are incorporated into domestic as well as bilateral legislation between the sending and receiving countries. The recommendations range from- a month long training with follow-up examinations to original passport and other essential documents to be in the domestic worker’s possession. As an outcome, the recommendations played an important role for Ministry of Labour and Employment to come up with Domestic Worker Guideline 2073.





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