Children Receiving Support

Dichan Mahato
Dichan Mahato, who lives in Tamsariya- 5, Nawalparasi(district), Nepal is 13 years old. He is studying at Shree Nawajagaran Higher Secondary School in class 8. Giriraj Mahato, father od Dichan Mahato, died in Malaysia as a migrant worker in the year 2015.
It had been only a year since Mahato went to Malaysia, where he would draw RM 900 per month ( approx. Rs. 25,000). He used to save all his earning and send money home. He was the only source of income for the family. But after 8 months in May 31, 2015, he had a heart attack which led to his death. He was 32 years old when he died.
The family lost their sole breadwinner so their economic condition started falling down. Now the family is running from the compensation provided by FEPB and Giriraj’s insurance money that will soon run out.

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Asmita Gharti
 Asmita Gharti from Dhowadi- 2, Nawalparasi (district), Nepal is studying in grade 7 at Shree Janata Higher Secondary School. While as a migrant worker in Malaysia, he father suffered from health complications.
Khem Bahadur Gharti Magar, Asmita’s father went to Malaysia in 2011 for foreign employment. He used to regularly send his earnings back home. But in 2014, he met an accident. During his off hours, he was hit by a car. The accident made him paralyzed. He returned back to Kathmandu after one month from the incident.
The medical expenses of Khem Bahadur, daily household expenses, and the education of children – the family is having an extremely difficult time . Farming is the one source of income to fulfill all the needs which is not sufficient at all.

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Kareena Thingu
Kareena Thingu lives in Churiyama-3, Makawanpur (district). She is studying at Shree Jana Jagriti Secondary School in class six. She is 10 years old. Her father, who went for foreign employment, is out of contact since last two years.
Ram Krishna Thingu, father of Kareena Thingu, went to Malaysia in 2014 for foreign employment. He was hopeful to fulfill the needs of his family by sending them money. But he never sent money home and hasn’t been in contact with the family since the beginning. Champha, mother of Kareena, is working as a laborer to make some money. She says that she will do anything to educate her children. Champha’s earnings doesn’t seem enough to sustain the family.

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Samir Pakhrin

 Eight-year-old Samir Pakhrin lives at Samadi- 3, Makawanpur (district). He is a third grader at Bal Ujjwal Secondary School. Subba Pakhrin, Samir’s father, died in 2014 while he was a migrant worker in Saudi Arabia.
Subba had gone to Saudi Arabia in 2013 for foreign employment. There he sent money home from his earnings as a heavy truck driver. The family expense was running smoothly until they heard about Subba’s death from heart attack in 2014. The heart attack occurred while he was sleeping.
Subba could only send money for one year. Later, Kumari Maya Thing, Samir’s mother, married another man and abandoned Samir and his two brothers. Samir’s seventy-two-year-old grandmother has been taking care of the boys. Samir’s grandmother, who has no any source of income, is having difficult time to support the boys’ education.

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Ashish Gopali

Ashish Gopali is 15 years old and studying at Shree Araniko Secondary School in class 10. He lost his father, who had gone to Saudi Arabia for foreign employment. Durga Das Gopali, father of Ashish Gopali, went to Saudi Arabia in 2013.
He agreed to a two-year contract to work as a labor. But unfortunately, he died of heart attack in 2015. Since then there are no income generating sources for his family. Amita Gopali, who was totally dependent on her husband’s earning, is finding it difficult to run the family. She has to take care of three of her children. She engages herself in farming with very low income.

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Lokendra Tamang
Thirteen year old Lokendra Tamang hasn’t seen his father since he was three years old. He lives with his mother Laxmi Tamang in Manthali-2, Ramechhap(district), Nepal. He’s an eighth grader at Shree Manthali higher Secondary School.
His father Taraman Tamang left home in 2005 for foreign employment. Laxmi suggested her husband to go for foreign employment because their financial condition didn’t allow them to put Lokendra in a good school. So, they took a loan of NPR 100,000 to sponsor Taraman’s Malaysia trip.
The family lost contact with Taraman after two years of his departure. He never sent them any money from Malaysia.
Laxmi earns a meager living from her farm, which is insufficient to support Lokendra’s education

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Rupa Giri
Fourteen year old Rupa Giri lives in Fulasi- 1, Ramechhap (district), Nepal with her mother Bedh Maya Giri and her two sisters. She studies at Shree Sakhe Lower Secondary School, in class eight. Her father Parlad Giri is out of contact since last three years. He had gone to Malaysia for foreign employment.
The sole breadwinner of the family, Parlad Giri left for Malaysia in 2008. But since 2012, the family has heard nothing from him. After losing contact with Parlad, the family is having a difficult time to pay off their debt of NPR 350,000. Rupa and her sisters work during holidays as domestic helpers for other families, while their mother Bedh Maya busies herself in farming. However, the money is not enough to finance all the three sisters’ education.

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Ramchandra Budhathoki
Ramchandra Budhathoki, permanent residence of Gelu- 7, Ramechhap (district), Nepal is 15 years old. He studies in class seven at Shree Sarada Higher Secondary School. He lost his father last year(2015).
Ramchandra Budhathoki always respected his father Shambhu Budathoki. Shambhu Budathoki went to Kuwait for foreign employment in 2013 by taking a loan of NPR 150,000. His aim was to fulfill the basic needs and requirements of his two children.
He started sending money from Kuwait. But all of a sudden due to high blood pressure, Shambhu was paralyzed and had to return Nepal in 2015. He could not do anything except for lying in the bed. He was hospitalized for six months and eight months later he passed away. He had received a compensation of NPR 150,000 from Foreign Employment Promotion Board(FEPB) for his treatment. The compensation money and all the family’s savings were exhusted during his treatment. This deteriorated the family’s economic situation. At the moment, Goma Budathoki, mother of Ramchandra is going through extreme poverty and she is struggling to feed her family properly.

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Karuna B.K.
Kurana B.K. lives in Manahari- 8, Makawanpur (district). She is 11 years old and studying at Shree Yuwa Ganga Secondary School in class six. Her father had gone for foreign employment where he met an accident.
Kumar B.K., father of Karuna B.K., went to Malaysia in 2015. He dreamt of earning money to support his family. They had very low income before he went to Malaysia. He worked there as a heavy vehicle driver. But unfortunately he could only work for 5 months after going to Malaysia. He was seriously injured while driving his company’s vehicle. The accident led to death of Kumar B.K.
Champha B.K., used the compensation received from FEPB and Kumar’s insurance money to pay their debts. She earns a little by running a tea shop.

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