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Statistical Labour Violation Case Report -2015 : (CMIR)

‘Migrant Care’ is specialized humanitarian initiative of CMIR targeting rescue and immediate support for distressed migrant workers and their families and other range of welfare programs. Rescue and immediate services includes a range of services including rescue and legal aid support to distressed migrant workers, especially working in GCC countries and Malaysia, legal aid support to families of distressed migrant workers, immediate health-care and psychosocial counseling and transit-home (safe house) services for distressed migrant workers. CMIR uses its wide-spread relations with national and international line agencies, migrant rights and human rights institutions, regional and global networks, partners, Diaspora groups, UN agencies and individuals to operate its rescue and immediate support works. Under welfare services, CMIR works closely with national and international partners and government agencies to provide re-integration and livelihood support for the migrant workers and their families and to conduct preventive and awareness raising programs. Services offered from CMIR are absolutely free for migrant workers and their families.  

Nature-wise Foreign Employment/Labour Violation Cases Received by CMIR

This demographic representation consists of data from January to June 2016. This data represents the nature-wise foreign employment/labour violation cases received by CMIR in six months. CMIR has received 179 cases within this six month period. The nature has been divided into various categories: Missing/Out of Contact cases, Injury/Health Issue, Contract Issue, Jail Case, Confiscation of Passport/Documents and Others (verification of documents , MRP passport cases). The highest number of problem in issues are of breach of contract (59%) and death cases(16%).
The country wise analysis informs us that health issues and jail cases are mostly from Malaysia; death related cases are mostly from Saudi Arabia; and majority of contract related issues are from Qatar.




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