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Pravasi Suchana Sathi

Pravasi Succhana Sathi is an initiative of Center for Migration and International Relations (CMIR) to ensuring access to information of Nepalese migrant workers and their families. The initiative develops and disseminate reliable, timely, understandable, and process-oriented information, education and communication(IEC) materials to help migrant workers in their labour migration cycle. CMIR coordinates with its national and international network in the process of developing and disseminating those materials.

IEC Materials:

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IEC about Methanol








1. Basis information required in decision making process of foreign employment

2. Dos and Don’ts in the process of foreign employment

3. What is Free Visa Free Ticket Policy

4. National and International laws that support Free Visa Free ticket policy

5. What is in Labour Permit issued by DoFe

6. Information about obtaining character certificate from Nepal Police

7. Useful mobile apps for migrant workers

8. Province Wise DoFE Office

9. Skill test orientation for returnee migrant workers







1. Free funeral vehicle to transport the dead body of migrant worker

2. Guideline video about Online Legal Services provided by Department Consular Services , Nepal

3. Procedure to be followed by injured migrant worker for compensation in Nepal

4. Financial supports provide by Foreign Employment Promotion Board (FEPB)

5. Scholarship to the children of Migrant worker with sample applicationsApplication sample 

6. Process and document required to receive due salary and insurance(destination country) amount from District administration office by the family of deceased migrant worker

7. Scholarship to the migrant worker’s families for vocational education

8. Process to claim insurance of deceased migrant worker

9. What should be done when there is work and wage difference in foreign employment

1. New regulations of Dubai Airport, UAE

2. Prohibited goods to bring in Saudi Arabia(Video)  / Poster

3. About Employment Contract 

4. Punishment for violating ‘Iqama’ System and labor law in Saudi Arabia

5. Online visa verification process for the GCC countries

6. Re-entry provision of Oman for migrant worker

7. Re-entry provision of Kuwait for migrant worker

8. Re-entry provision of Qatar for migrant worker

9. IEC about Methanol




1. Amnesty by Qatar government to undocumented migrant workers

2. Returning process of detained undocumented migrant workers, Malaysia

3. Process to participate in the Amnesty Program announced by Saudi Arabia (Poster) / (About Amnesty, Saudi Arabia)

4. Process to participant amnesty announced by Kuwait government

5. Process to participant amnesty announced by UAE government 








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