Nirnaya Bhatta


Nirnaya is passionate about finding Nepal’s place in the world, amidst the myriad of countries comprising the global community. He is interested in the discourse of philosophy of development, and varied notions on progress at large in human society. He is keenly interested to understand the ‘right’ leadership in the Nepali context and also in generic sense.

He is currently working full-time as the HR Officer at the Office of the Millennium Challenge Nepal, which is a mixed entity created jointly by MCC, USA and the Government of Nepal, for developing projects in infrastructure such as transportation and energy in Nepal.

Currently, along with his primary job, he also supports research at Center for Migration and International Relations, seeking to provide direction to Gulf returnee Nepali migrants rendered without any support, by bringing their plight to notice with relevant stakeholders in the government and international institutions. 

He is passionate about playing music, you can find his music:

The link to his blog Nothing Arcane-

He completed his B.A. from Hindu College, University of Delhi in Political Science.  He completed M.A. in International Relations from Warsaw, Poland; during which he had the opportunity to explore the European continent- both culturally and geographically. He lived across India for a decade during his education. 








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