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Educational Campaign for the Children of Migrant Workers

Foreign employment has become an integral avenue of various opportunities for many Nepalese migrant workers from last few decades. The families of migrant workers have been also benefitting with an elevated quality of life with access to quality education, health services and raising awareness on food hygiene and nutrition. However, this scenario is not identical for all the migrant workers and their families. Every year around 1200 to 1500 Nepalese migrant workers have been reported dead, more than 50,000 returned back home being handicapped and with severe health problems and more than 200 Nepalese migrant workers have undergone missing in Gulf countries and Malaysia due to unsecure and unfavorable working conditions, unhygienic food and accommodation, inhuman behavior from the sponsor and lack of full access to legal remedies. These types of tragic incidents have been adversely affecting the families of migrant workers resulting decline in the quality of life they have been living as well as ending of their dreams for a better future. Unfortunately, the children of those migrant workers are forced to discontinue their education due to lack of money and are more likely to choose the same path their parents chose as a migrant worker to support their families.

Therefore, this education campaign has been developed for educational support targeting the children of deceased, injured and missing migrant workers, especially those children who are in the verge of leaving education and those who have discontinued their education due to their poor economic condition. This education campaign facilitates to provide quality education to the children and aims to preventing them from the impact of poor socio-economic condition as their parents have been facing.


  • To provide educational support to the children of deceased and destitute migrant workers who are unable to support them to start, continue or complete their education.
  •  To increase the literacy rate of the children of migrant workers who are from vulnerable groups.
  •  To ensure access to right to education of the migrants’ children.

This campaign aims full educational support, targeting 200 children of migrant workers every year who have been deprived from the quality education. It expects the children get utmost support that are required to broaden their knowledge. 

To participant in this Campaign:

You don’t have to be a teacher to educate children, just donate for education.     

Other ways of participating in the campaign: Donate books and stationaries, Volunteer as a teacher or share us new and innovative ideas to help the migrants’ children.

Apply for educational support: Download ‘Application Form ‘and ‘Criteria 

Note: If you would like to donate books and stationeries, volunteer as a teacher, apply for educational support and for any queries please email us: [email protected]




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