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Annual Report Year: 2017

Published by: Center for Migration and International Relations (CMIR)

This year annual report covers the work done by CMIR in access to information, justice and education to migrant workers and/or their families. Nepal Political Parties and Migration – a system thinking research is one the major research done by CMIR among several research work of 2017. CMIR hosted nine international students under internship/fellowship program and around 12 articles and several advocacy campaign were in line to policy reform effort in 2017.

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Annual Report Year: 2016

Type: Annual Report


Year: 2016

Published by: Center for Migration and International Relations (CMIR)

In the year 2016, CMIR focused its activities on major three components : access to justice, access to information and access to education. In 2016, we supported 564 distressed and destitute migrant workers and their families, supported children of migrant workers for their education and developed and disseminate IEC materials. Drafted standard bilateral agreement, policy recommendation on migrant workers for domestic work, ILO convention recommendation paper are some of the research work of 2016.

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Annual Report Year: 2015

Published by : Center for Migration and International Relations (CMIR)

This report provides an overview of work accomplished by CMIR in the year 2015. Legal and paralegal support, network expansion and partnership with local NGOs, fund raising for rescue purpose, research on use of technology of migrant workers and free visa free ticket were some of the primary work done by CMIR to protect the rights of migrant workers and their families. 

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