Recruitment Reform

CMIR was active in pressuring the government to reform recruitment processes which are relatively unmonitored and often lead to worker exploitation and debt bondage. CMIR began by hosting round-table discussions to identify recruitment challenges and even participated in rallies in favor of the Free Visa Free Ticket Policy. Along with[…]

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Pravasi Suchana Sathi

Pravasi Succhana Sathi is an initiative of Center for Migration and International Relations (CMIR) to ensuring access to information of Nepalese migrant workers and their families. The initiative develops and disseminate reliable, timely, understandable, and process-oriented information, education and communication(IEC) materials to help migrant workers in their labour migration cycle.[…]

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Legal and Paralegal Support

Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE), Ministry of Labour and Employment, Nepal data states that every year half a million Nepalese migrant workers leave Nepal for foreign employment to pursue their dream of employment and to enhance the quality of lives of their families. Many families’ primary needs are fulfilled through[…]

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Legally Supported

Information Materials developed

Research, Policy papers and Articles published

Interns/fellows from 10 countries and 16 universities benefited