CMIR backed with its highly experienced group of researchers and academicians, expertise in conducting a range research and study programs in the issue of migration and international relations also including other cross-cutting issues. CMIR best utilizes its experiences of working on humanitarian causesfor migrant workers and their families to document and extract stories and patterns to analyze the issue; where each of the research work is highly sensitive towards the human value and norms and fundamentals of human rights.

Thus, our research works are better proven to provide a deeper understanding to the ground
realities faced by migrant workers and their families. Also, CMIR extensively studies the international relations and associated policy dynamics to come with policy
discourse and recommendations for improvising the migration status-quo through better performance of the foreign policies of/in the origin and destination countries.


के तपाइलाई वैदेशिक रोजगार सम्बन्धि केही समस्या परेको छ वा वैदेशिक रोजगारी सम्बन्धि जानकारी आवश्यक परेको छ । वैदेशिक रोजगार सम्बन्धि निःशुल्क जानकारीसमन्वय र समस्या समाधानका लागि हामीलाई सम्पर्क गर्नुहाेला । 


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