"My three-month internship with CMIR was a very rewarding experience. I had the opportunity to learn about the different aspects of labour migration going on in Nepal as well as its challenges. It was also a great opportunity to discover how a small non-profit organisation functions and to collaborate with people with significant field experience".

Name : Helene Debaty                                             Nationality: Belgian

Internship Area: Legal and paralegal support         Duration: October - December, 2016

"Being part of CMIR team, has introduced me to the reality of existing social injustices which humanity faces. It was great opportunity to learn how Migrant Workers suffer from socio-economic injustices that have resulted from globalization and a country policy. Being assigned to conduct a research on foreign migration and its associate issues in Nepal, I came to realization that before joining the CMIR team I knew almost nothing in regard to migration .But now after the completion of my   internship, I have an understanding of pertinent issues on labor migration of Nepal,  I am able to analyze the social cost of migration in any given context, and above all I have a thorough general understanding of international laws and declarations on migration . And I am confident that I am ready to be one of among Agents for changes that today’s world needs."

Name : Ellen Gahigi                                                 Nationality: Canadian 

Internship Area: Research and Study                      Duration: September -December, 2016

"I would like to thank CMIR, for giving me the opportunity to do an internship within the organization. It was a unique experience to be in Nepal and work on assignments related to labour migration, a topic I am most interest in. The internship was an opportunity to get immersed on a deeper level in another culture and to look at things from a different perspective."

 Name : Tamsin Maya Aufderheude                          Nationality: Dutch

Internship Area: Research and Study                      Duration: August-November, 2016 


   "The last three months that I spent here at CMIR have transformed me in many ways. I mostly handled queries of migrant workers and their relatives. At first, I was very nervous talking to them in the phone. Listening to their painful stories made me realize that I was living in a different bubble, unaware about Nepali   migrant workers and the hardships they have to undergo. With the close guidance of my mentors, I developed the confidence to communicate with the migrant workers and their families. There were moments when people would come visit me at the office and thank me for facilitating them. Putting a little smile on their faces   worked as the main motivation that kept me going all this time. I have immense respect for the organization’s goals to work for the welfare of migrant workers and will always be proud with the work I have done in CMIR." 

Name : Rupa Thapa                                                       Nationality: Nepalese 

Internship Area: Legal and paralegal support               Duration : June-September, 2016

   "During my six months of internship period, I got an opportunity to understand different dimensions of labour migration. Being an intern at migrant care unit CMIR. I closely observed and understood the problem of  migrant workers and support them to solve those problems that they encounter during labour migration process. Now I believe I can actually empathize with the pains of migrant workers. Besides I enjoyed the healthy and encouraging environment of CMIR. I would like to thank CMIR them for their generous support during my learning experiences." 

Name : Jasmin Karmancharaya                                     Nationality: Nepalese 

Internship Area: Legal and paralegal support              Duration : January-July, 2016