"If you have seen ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’ you will understand that your home is actually bigger. It’s is the most human thing to see in the others his own reflection, everywhere we go it’s a common destiny that we share, feeling concerned about other’s situation is a need that we must have. I’ve learned many things at university and having a good education is a great privilege, but I believe that there is nothing better than to confront reality to understand the changes we need to make. The promotion of Human rights is a worldwide battle, as a citizen of the World my mission Is to understand the multiple aspects of labor migrations and international relations more in depth to act with more impact. CMIR gives me the opportunity to fully immerse myself in Nepal’s culture, work and collaborate with ambitious and different people, and contribute to make the journey of a migrant an easiest choice. It is an honor for me to share this unique experience we those we call “the Utopist.

Name : Leila Antier                                             Country: France

Internship Area: Research and Study               Enrolled from: August 2017

"Although migration has greatly benefitted millions around the world, a large number of migrants continue to face a myriad of threats. They are denied basic human rights such as rights to education and health, face exploitation, and are marginalised. Recent events in Europe and Burma highlight these important issues, also encouraging me to pursue an internship related to migration. As such, a placement with CMIR offered the perfect opportunity to work in the field of migration. As an intern here, I hope to gain a better understanding of the challenges facing migrants both in Nepal and abroad. Working here will provide me with a unique experience where I hope to use the skills and knowledge I gain to bring greater attention to the difficulties facing migrants and contribute to improving their situation." 

Name : William Ferguson                                       Country: United Kingdom 

Internship Area: Legal and Paralegal Support      Enrolled from: September 2017


 "One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my education in both International Political Economy, and International Development, is that a country cannot successfully move forwards when members of its population are being exploited and oppressed. CMIR is working alongside current and former migrant workers to create educational campaigns, advocate for change, and research ways in which the migrant labour system can be improved. As an intern, I hope to expand my knowledge on migrant workers rights and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by Nepali’s, in order to assist CMIR in creating a positive change

Name : Miriam Shendroff                                      Country: Canada 

Internship Area: Research and Study             Enrolled from: September 2017