"After completing my Bachelors in Social Work, I was looking for space where I could learn and develop my professional career in the field of social work and then I applied as an intern in CMIR. I now expect to understand the labour migration cycle along with its challenges and opportunities, build up interpersonal skills and networking. I expect to apply my theoretical knowledge practically and I think CMIR is the right place for it."

Name : Angshu  Neupane                                      Nationality: Nepali

Internship Area: Legal and paralegal support         Enrolled from: January 2017





“"Having the ambition to work in the field of law and human rights, be an intern at CMIR is the perfect opportunity to gain experience and significant knowledge about one of the most current issue : migration, and particularly labour migration, in Nepal. I expect from my internship to learn the factual protection of migrants' rights, and to do concrete actions in the field in order to make their situation better. "." 

Name : Anaelle Fouassier                                        Nationality: France 

Internship Area: Research and Study                      Enrolled from: February 2017