KATHMANDU, June 9: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has apprised the Kathmandu-based diplomatic missions dealing with visa and other consular affairs of its newly-launched online document verification system.

Some 50 officials overseeing the consular section and those dealing with documentation process for visa issuance were present at the briefing organized by the Department of Consular Services at MoFA on Thursday.

The Consular Department has recently introduced online document verification system that helps to verify online if the visa notes as well as other legal documents verified by Department of Consular are authentic. 

“The program was organized to brief the representatives of all Kathmandu-based diplomatic missions dealing with visa and other consular affairs about our online document verification system,” said Director General of the Department of Consular Services Gahendra Rajbhandari. 

Concerned embassies and consulate offices can log on to the Consular Department's website and check immediately if the documents they have received are authentic or not. This is expected to discourage forgery.
“The new arrangement will increase credibility of documents issued by the government agencies. This will end unscrupulous activities like forging letter heads and government seals to apply for visa among other things,” said Rajbhandari. 

The Department of Consular Services receives some 1,500 documents on an average daily for verification. Some 800 people visit the department daily for various services.

Source : MyRepublica 

के तपाइलाई वैदेशिक रोजगार सम्बन्धि केही समस्या परेको छ वा वैदेशिक रोजगारी सम्बन्धि जानकारी आवश्यक परेको छ । वैदेशिक रोजगार सम्बन्धि निःशुल्क जानकारीसमन्वय र समस्या समाधानका लागि हामीलाई सम्पर्क गर्नुहाेला । 


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